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Winter Sucks, But Business Doesn’t Have To

Is the winter season taking it’s toll on your restaurant or cafe? Not sure what to do to get more people in the doors? With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to do a promotional photo shoot & create new marketing materials to increase awareness & entice the lovers to choose you over your competition! Think about it… if they don’t know you exist, or they have forgotten, they won’t come to you. But, if you stay top of their minds, when they are deciding where to go out on a date, or celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day, you will be their first choice!

Get Stuck in Their Heads

So, how do you stay top of their minds? Well, that’s what marketing is all about, and why you likely have a website, a Facebook Page, a Twitter, flyers/postcards, send out emails, advertise in the newspaper or magazines, etc… If you don’t have these things, check out this post to learn more about why that’s necessary and how to get started.
Once you’ve done the first step – which is to have your outlets in place, you need to have content to share, stories to tell, and photos to share. If you’re not sure what to use, I can help you with ideas, as well as to create the content. But, the easiest thing is to work with the calendar, and the next big thing is Valentine’s Day.

Professionalism Earns Respect and Business

Sorry to tell you and potentially burst your bubble, but those cell phone photos are just not gonna cut it. It’s great that you’re trying – heck, it’s more than a lot of people do, but think about the message that the poor quality images send to your customers, AND think about a time when you compared two restaurants online. Which were you more confident in – the blurry cell phone photo of … “wait, what is that even?” or the mouthwatering, well-lit, clear photo of your favorite, yummy, gourmet dish? Well, this is the experience that your customers are having too. Which experience do you want for them?

Paint a Picture of Love and Be Loved

If you’re ready to show your beloved customers how much you love your baby (your restaurant), it’s time to invest in your photography. This is a great time, like I said, because Valentine’s Day is hot and what do people do besides buy Hallmark Cards, red roses, chocolates, Vermont teddy bears, Cupid themed boxers, silky PJs, etc. etc.? They go out to EAT! (I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir on this one, but really, could it be any more of a perfect reason to do your marketing?)
When you do a promo shoot with me, we will capture and share the story of how your place will intertwine with their love story. Their mouths will water over your prix fixe menu, their eyes will widen with desire at the romantic atmosphere, & their love for each other (and for YOU) will grow – from the moment they see the images right on through the last bite of the irresistible dessert in the candlelight, on to the ride home, or wherever they go after paying the full check, leaving a hefty tip on the table and begrudgingly walking out the doors – full and satisfied. You’ll be giving them an experience they’ll be talking about for a lifetime. Imagine, a lifetime. That’s A LOT OF WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING and even more potential customers. So, let’s do this right and get the lovebirds on your side!

Get MOVING!!! (What are you waiting for, seriously?)

Dates are filling fast and time is running out so call now (845-418-2718) or send an email with the form below for details or to schedule a shoot! (Feel free to check out some more photos while you’re at it, too!)
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